Water Leak Adjustment

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Leak Adjustments Disclaimers:
Customer Responsibility: A utility customer shall be held responsible for all water consumption/use as measured by the water meter. Failure to render payment when due, may result in disconnection of service.

A. A written request signed by the customer may be delivered to Utility Billing office in person, by mail, email, or fax. Please include a copy of the receipt showing that the leak has been repaired. All request approvals, are at the discretion of the Utility Billing Manager.
B. Penalties incurred on accounts while the adjustment request is pending, may be considered to be waived.
C. No more than 2 months will be considered per leak adjustment.
D. With only one such adjustment request in any calendar year.
E. The Utility Billing Manager shall have authority to approve or deny the granting of an adjustment; subject to review by the Director of Finance.

Consumption Terms: For residential customer’s to qualify for an adjustment, the consumption will have to be double the previous 6 months average.

Approval Terms: Approval time will vary depending on cycle reading periods. Customer Service Representatives names, email addresses, and phone numbers will be provided if you have any questions or concerns.

If you are requesting new service, please visit www.leaguecity.com/utilitybilling to sign up for new services online.

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