What is the Water Production staff doing and why?

The League City Water Production Department is implementing a common utility maintenance procedure called unidirectional flushing. It involves opening specifically-selected fire hydrants and closing specifically selected valves under controlled conditions to scour the inner surface of water distribution pipes.

The scouring process helps to remove corrosion scale and sediment that accumulate naturally over time. If otherwise left in place, these deposits could degrade water quality and restrict pipeline carrying capacity.

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1. What is the Water Production staff doing and why?
2. Will flushing be done in my neighborhood?
3. I lost water service. Why, and what do I do?
4. Will I be paying for the water used in flushing?
5. Why does flush water (hydrant or sink) appear discolored?
6. How do I get rid of the discolored appearance?
7. Is the water safe to drink?
8. Is this counterproductive to conservation?
9. Why is league city doing this? Aren’t the water pipes clean?
10. What else do league city customers need to know to prepare for the flushing process?
11. Who do I call with questions?