February 27, 2020


The meeting of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee was called to order by Chairman Ed Poole on February 27, 2020 at 3:03 p.m. in the Engineering Conference Room located at 500 West Walker, League City, Texas 77573.


Present at the meeting were:  Ed Poole, David Johnson,  Larry Millican, Traci Jacobs, Evan Watkins, Peggy Zahler, Christopher Sims, Donna Ofsanko David, Tickell, Jody Hooks and Byron Bacher, Paradigm Traffic Systems


Introduction of Committee Members

Ed Poole welcomed all members of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and called to order the meeting at 3:03 p.m.


Approval of Minutes

Minutes from the January 23, 2020 meeting were reviewed and approved by Ed Poole and seconded by Larry Millican with a unanimous vote of 6-0 with 0 absent.


Late Arrival to Meeting

·         Jean Brown, new committee member, joined the meeting at 3:10 p.m. 

·         Mr. Poole noted to all members of the committee Jean Brown, new member) and welcomed her. 

·         Mr. Poole noted Shannon Hicks resignation from the transportation committee effective February 2020.


Presentation from Paradigm Traffic Systems:

Byron Bacher from Paradigm Traffic Systems welcome himself to the members of the committee and presented the Centracs Advanced Traffic Management System:


Topics of Discussion:

·         Over 25 years of service to Texas

·         Controllers, Cabinets, Detection, Systems, Support

·         Exclusive Econolite Distributor


Centracs System ATMS:

·         Centracs is an ATMS Advanced Traffic Management System platform

·         Flexible design

·         User interface provides the industry leading user experience

·         Unparalleled ATMS features, tools and options

·         Established support teams

·         Centracs is leading edge, not bleeding edge!

·         Almost 300 Centracs Systems Sold Worldwide

o   25 of those are here in Texas plans for 30 by end of 2020

·         Architecal Concept consists of:

o   Workstation

o   Laptop

o   Core Service (Scheduler, Traffic Responsive, Other Services, Database)

o   Device Manager and Comm. Server

o   Devices

o   Scalable to meet your agency’s needs

o   User Configurable Design

o   Display Data as Needed


Centracs Expansion Options:


              Centracs Edaptive and Centracs SPM (Signal Performance Measures):

o   Provides signal timings for real-time traffic conditions

o   Adapts to changes in traffic as they happen, i.e., weather, construction, and major events

o   Reduces or eliminates costs of manual traffic counts

o   Increases agency benefits when using Centracs SPM data

o   Data collection is continuous to signal management and operations


Centrac MMS – Incident, Asset and Maintenance Management:

o   Asset management and asset life-cycle history

o   Dispatch scheduling and on-call notification planning

o   Real-time location-based equipment tracking and reporting

o   Location-based storage and retrieval of drawings manuals and other documents in many industry standard formats such as Word, PDF, etc.


Who Benefits?

o   Traffic Engineer

o   Traffic Operations

§  Public Works

o   Signal Shop Operations

o   The Commuting Public


Tools for Traffic Engineers:

o   State of the Art Database Editor

o   Traffic Responsive

o   Traffic Adaptive

o   Analytics Reports

o   Real-time traffic monitoring

o   Time, Space, Split monitor and other tools

o   Continuous traffic Data Collection and Monitoring


              Traffic Operations – What to Look For:

o   Ease of Use

o   Interactive Maps

o   Manual Commands

o   Remote Front Panel

o   Real-time Signal Monitoring

o   Real-time alert Notifications

o   Trouble Ticket Creation and Dispatch (MMS)


Signal Shop:

o   Remote Front Panel

o   Real-time Alert Notifications

o   Detector Diagnostic Reporting and Alerts

o   Automatic Trouble Escalations

o   SMS text notifications

o   Centracs MMS

o   Preventive Maintenance Management

o   Real-time Asset Management

o   Call Ticket Dispatch

o   On-call Scheduling






The Commuting Public:

o   Agency can be quickly aware of and respond to problems, often before traffic is affected

o   Well maintained signal timing = better traffic flow

o   Well maintained equipment = fewer breakdowns

o   Adaptive operation to improve overall traffic flow

o   Real return on Tax Dollars


              David Tickell reviewed with members of the committee all the traffic systems throughout the City that are interactive and on-line on fiber which consists of 16 signals. The other traffic signals will be added in time to the on-line system.   


              Christopher Sims discussed with the committee the comments received at the quarterly meeting were as follows:


1.                   Traffic Relief for the West-side of League City

a.       There are several projects in the City’s current Capital Improvement Program (CIP) that will help traffic in the City’s west side. As I had shown in our meeting, detailed listing of the City’s 2020-2024 CIP (, ongoing projects (, and G.O. Bond projects ( can be found on the City’s website using the provided links.  But, I did want to provide a very brief update of what the City is working on directly related to traffic relief for the west-side:

                                                              i.      LCP Improvements at Hobbs Road is in the design phase and is currently scheduled to start construction in 2021. Project will add a 10’ wide right turn lane from the school entrance on LCP to the second school entrance on Hobbs Road.

                                                            ii.      LCP Right Turn Lane b/w Butler and Calder is an active project that will add a right turn lane for east-bound traffic from west of Butler Rd to east of Calder Rd. The project is currently scheduled to start construction in 2021.  That noted, this project and the timing of the construction activities will be coordinated with TxDOT since it will ultimately tie into the right turn lane TxDOT will construct as part of their I-45 expansion project.

                                                          iii.      4 new Traffic Signals along LCP between Brittany Lakes/Fennigan and W. Bay Area Blvd are in the current CIP with design/construction being staged for the intersections between the Fiscal Years 2020 and 2024.

                                                           iv.      North Landing Extension is currently in the design phase and is scheduled to start construction in 2022.

                                                             v.      A new street is being planned to connect the southbound I-45 frontage road to Hobbs Road. This project is currently scheduled to start design in 2022.

                                                           vi.      Between Fiscal Years 2022-2024, the existing traffic signals at FM 518 & W. Bay Area Blvd and FM 518 & Landing Blvd will be updated and rebuilt.

b.       The committee will continue to explore potential traffic improvement projects on the City’s west side. If anyone has any specific ideas that maybe has not been discussed or addressed, please feel free to reach out to us.


2.       Incorporating drainage improvements into traffic projects

a.       For the most part, drainage improvements within a given project’s limits are currently being included. With recent rainfall intensity maps and FEMA Flood Maps being updated, this will remain a priority when looking at any potential project.


3.       Public Transportation

a.       Public Transportation is something this committee has looked at in the past and will continue to be an area that will be further researched.




4.       Adding another East-West corridor

a.       As the City continues to growth, new development will be required to build needed Arterial and Collector level streets within the City’s west side.

b.       The committee will continue to explore potential E-W corridor improvements through-out the City.


5.       Flyovers

a.       This is a possible solution that will need to be explored further but buy-in at TxDOT will be needed.


6.       Main/Walker Street to 1-way traffic

a.       This is a possible solution that will need to be explored further but buy-in at TxDOT will be needed.


7.       Re-open Tucker Road

a.       This idea will be explored further by the committee in our regularly scheduled monthly meetings.


8.       Wesley Street/Main Street Area Ditch Improvements

a.       Since the quarterly meeting, City forces have reworked the ditches along Wesley Street.

b.       A major drainage project is also planned for this area (see CIP – FM 518 & Wesley Drainage Improvements). Currently, the project is scheduled to begin design work in 2022, but City Staff has submitted this project for a potential grant that will allow the design, land acquisition and construction of the project to begin sooner. The project is currently under review for grant funding and Staff expects to hear back on the project within the next few months.


9.       Walker Street at League City Parkway Improvements

a.       This is an active project in the current CIP with construction currently scheduled for 2021. This improvement is to add an additional thru lane on Walker in each direction, a dedicated right turn lane for the North and South bound Walker traffic, a 250-foot extension of the left turn lanes along LCP and the adjustment of the existing drainage at the intersection.


This meeting was recorded and a video of the presentation can be seen at


              Chris showed a presentation to members of the committee about the increase of  pedestrian deaths is on the rise from 18 to 19 percent throughout five different states.


·         Chris discussed with members of the committee his concern with pedestrian deaths in League City today. 

·         2019 League City had a total of 146 pedestrian accidents.  Of those accidents, 4 where in the school zone with 29 major injuries and out of those 29 major injuries 12 were  fatal.

·         The City gets numerous calls on lack of lighting throughout the City that could impact pedestrian accidents. Chris indicated that this committee should become involved with  pedestrian safety throughout the City. 


Committee Member Comments:

·         Members of the committee discussed their concern with the cost of the entire Centracs system for the City.

·         Members of the committee discussed upgrades to the Centracs system and the total long-term cost to the City.

·         Members of the committee discussed how the new traffic system will work with new subdivisions being constructed throughout the City and cost to upgrade the current traffic system going forward to support traffic flow.





Committee Members Comments (continued):

·         Members of the committee discussed additional traffic modules to the traffic lights would be applied to impact fees.

o   Chris indicated no that it would be added to the development and the builder.

·         Discussion of using Facebook live for citizen comments regarding traffic related issues going forward is not what the committee wants to utilize.

·         Chris noted that using a Live Stream in the Civic Center instead of Facebook live?  Chris will discuss with Sarah Osborne what is the best option for the May 2020 meeting.

·         Looking at scheduling the next quarterly meeting for the Transportation Committee in early May 2020?

·         Peggy Zahler asked what is the projected date for the presentation to Council on the Centracs traffic system?  Jody indicated it will be presented to Council on March 24, 2020.


Discuss Purpose and Direction to Staff:


A motion was made by Ed Poole and seconded by Larry Millican and all members of the committee to adjourn the meeting at 5:25 p.m..  A motion passed unanimously with a vote of 7-0 with 0 absent.


The next Transportation Committee meeting will be scheduled for Thursday, March 19, 2020 in the Engineering Conference Room located at 500 West Walker, League City, Texas  77573.


                Minutes were amended and approved by Peggy Zahler and seconded by Traci Jacobs with a unanimous vote of 7-0 at the July 16, 2020 meeting.