For Sign Construction or Repairs

The business owner or the general contractor needs to fill out a Building Permit Application (PDF) form available at the Building Department or online. If the project requires a new electric service, the licensed electrician (registered to do work in the city) must sign on to the permit along with information on the equipment to be installed. 

Please see the list below of required documents to be submitted with the sign application. For more detailed information on sign requirements, please refer to Section 8 of the UDC (PDF) of the city ordinance and the 2018 Thoroughfare Map (PDF) for Right-of-Way designation.

New Sign Construction, Required Documentation

The owner or general contractor is required to submit to the Building Department the following documents for plan review and approval, along with a completed Building Permit Application (PDF).

  • All plans must be engineered to be compliant with the City of League Code adopted codes, including the ultimate design wind speed in addition to TDI requirements. (The City has adopted the 2015 I-Codes and NEC. Provided the ultimate design wind speed in mph).
  • Provide scale, dimensioned drawings of proposed sign.
  • Provide a site plan showing location of proposed sign, if free standing.
  • All new permit application submittals should be emailed (as one merged PDF) to Building Department. Files larger than 15MB will need to be sent with a file transfer link, such as Dropbox.

Helpful Documents