Jesse Cerros

woman posing in a boutique

Why did you decide to open up the Ivory Boutique?

I used to work with my husband at his business, but when we couldn’t get pregnant, I wanted to do something for myself that I loved and would take my mind off trying to conceive. That’s how Ivory came to be, and thankfully a year and a half ago we got pregnant, so now I have two babies. I have Ivory and I have my little munchkin. 

How did you come up with the name for your store?

One day I was reading and discovered that the trunk of an elephant is made out of ivory, and it just clicked. I love elephants and I love the name, so that’s where the idea came from.

Describe your store in a sentence:

We are a women’s apparel store with a chic vibe.

What type of customers shop at the boutique?

We have a very close-knit customer base that comes to Ivory. It’s a lot of girls that don’t like shopping at the mall because it’s too crowded or they love to support small, local businesses. They tend to shop at all the boutiques in the Bay area and help us out. We are grateful for their support.

How long have you lived in League City?

Seven years. I'm from Nicaragua originally and was raised in Florida. But Texas is my home now.

What do you love most about League City?

The sense of community. After Hurricane Harvey,  I truly realized how amazing it is to live here.

What’s your favorite League City event?

I love the Holiday in the Park Grand Night Parade. I also love partnering with other locally-owned boutiques in the City to do "boutique hops."

Where’s your favorite place to eat in League City?

I love Mr. Sombrero on 518. It has become a family place to us. They basically know what drinks to get us before we even sit down.

Any advice for visitors to League City? 

If you're spending a day in town, go have brunch at Main Street Bistro, go for a walk at Helen's Garden, and spend the day boutique hopping. We have great boutiques in town!