Ashlea Quinonez

blonde woman posing with pamphlets

What do you do?

I am responsible for implementing legislative and public policy strategies and leading efforts in strategic planning, outreach and community engagement for Memorial Hermann Health System. I work with elected officials at all levels of government as well as community leaders and business organizations to advance our health system’s advocacy priorities.  Memorial Hermann plays a vital role throughout Southeast Texas and I work to educate others about the numerous ways we support our communities to advance health as well as identify new opportunities to support the community. My focus is relationships.  We are in the “people business” and having meaningful relationships within our communities is essential.  

What is your background?

I’ve been interested in politics and government since a very young age. At about the age of 7, I recall helping stuff envelopes with campaign letters for a dear family friend running for county office. Politics runs deep in my family’s history, so I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in government and politics.  I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Political Science and went to work for former U.S. Senator Phil Gramm. From there my career took me to lead a local political party, to leading a Congressional office, to representing former U.S. Health & Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt in six southern states, and ultimately to Memorial Hermann Health System. 

Where are you from?

I am originally from Prosper, Texas. I graduated from Prosper High School with 29 students in my graduating class.  I am proof that in America no matter how large or small of a town you are raised in, you can be anything you want to be.  My husband and I moved to League City in 2014.  We moved to the area in 2010, took time to explore several communities in the area and decided to make our home in League City.    

You were recently awarded the Athena Leadership Award, tell us about that:

What an honor!  It was an absolute honor to be nominated and I was overwhelmed to be chosen for the award.  The Athena Leadership Award is a national award with numerous criteria.  It is awarded to someone who is honored for professional excellence, community service and for actively assisting women in their attainment of professional excellence and leadership skills.  What made the awards ceremony absolutely incredible, was having my seven-year-old daughter in attendance.  I’d like to thank the League City Regional Chamber of Commerce for their partnership with Athena International to recognize outstanding leaders in our community.  League City is blessed to have so many community members dedicated to building a preeminent city and region.         

Are you involved in any organizations or programs? 

Giving back to the community and lending your skills is vitally important.  I am involved in several organizations, including:

• Board of Directors, Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership

• Board of Directors, Alvin Manvel Area Chamber of Commerce

• Members, Steering Committee, Women Leaders of Memorial Hermann

• Member, League City Master Plan Taskforce

• Chair, Legislative Affairs Committee, League City Regional Chamber of Commerce

• Chair, Governmental Relations Division, Alvin Manvel Area Chamber of Commerce

• Chair, Government Relations Committee, Pearland Chamber of Commerce

• Bay Area Church

• Kidz Harbor

• Various healthcare advisory committees led by state and national leaders

Tell us about the Dress for Success Initiative:

Dress for Success Houston (DFSH) is an incredible organization. They provide professional attire and professional development programs for women across the Greater Houston region. When I was first introduced to DFSH a few years ago, I knew about their suiting program, but I had no idea about the rigorous personal and professional development programs their clients commit to. The mission of Dress for Success Houston is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and development tools to help women thrive in work and life.  Their suiting program is a key component to their mission, specifically their Send One Suit Drive held each spring.

I serve on the Steering Committee for Women Leaders of Memorial Hermann, an internal professional and personal development program within Memorial Hermann Health System, and serve as Co-Chair of our Community Outreach Committee.  When we learned of the DFSH Send One Suit Drive, an incredible partnership between Memorial Hermann Health System and Dress for Success Houston was born.  I have assisted in leading our Send One Suite Drive throughout our health system for the past three years and each year we have been recognized as the largest corporate donor of professional clothing items.  The opportunity to support such an incredible organization and mission at such an incredible level is a direct reflection of the generosity of Memorial Hermann and our employees.  We could not be successful without the tremendous generosity of our employees.  We continue to grow the Send One Suit Drive every year. 

What is something you are passionate about?

Freedom.  I’m a firm believer in our God-given freedoms and the incredible responsibility of us all to preserve those freedoms.  God has given each of us incredible skills and talents, He’s given us all that we need to preserve a bright and successful future in our City, State, and Nation.  I am passionate about supporting initiatives and organizations that work to promote freedom.     

Why do you think it’s so important to give back to the community?

If not me, then who?  I’ve heard a close friend cite this for several years and it’s absolutely true. Think about it – if not me, then who? We are called to serve others. We are called to live a life for others.  We are created to love others.  If not you, then who?

What do you do in your off time? Hobbies?

My favorite people are my husband and young daughter. We spend our free time together as a family.  We enjoy the outdoors – swimming, gardening, golfing and a few serious games of corn hole. Our daughter is greatly involved in theater and we enjoy supporting her and volunteering with her theatre company. 

What do you love about League City?

The people. It’s not a cliché. The people in League City are some of the absolute best. Our giving, dedicated and supportive residents are what make League City an outstanding community.  

Favorite restaurant in League City?

Red Oak Café! Great food and great people with an even greater mission.

Favorite thing to do in League City?

Shop!  We have great boutiques and family-owned businesses in League City. It’s nice to have local choices that offer something different than the national retail chains.  

Fun fact about yourself?

Nolan Ryan has been my sports hero since I was in second grade. His competitive spirit and class are unmatched.  Over the years my Dad and I have accumulated thousands of memorabilia items. I met Mr. Ryan once, when I was 15 years old, and I’d love to meet him again!