Lisa Piper

woman posing with lettuce in hand

What is the Natural Living Co-Op?

The Natural Living Co-Op is an organic food co-op, an organic vegan café, and an herb shop. Our co-op has an almost mini-market feel to it. We work with local organic farmers as well as backyard gardeners, nationally certified organic suppliers, and we even grow some of our own produce in a plot down the street. We create “produce shares” from all our resources and the shares are predetermined based on what is selected by our co-op members and are available every week, rain or shine.  We also sell local and organic meats and eggs, which tend to sell fast because of how great and organic the quality is and how hard they are to find locally.

Who is your typical customer?

Our co-op is a space for the community to gather, to find like-minded people for resources and health. No matter where people are on their health food journey, we create a space that is open and judgment-free. We love sharing our knowledge and recipes to help others in their journey of finding a healthier lifestyle.

How are your items sold and packaged? 

We sell most of our items in bulk. We weigh items out and package them for you either by the ounce or the pound. Glass containers are used on most of our items because it is healthier and keeps everything fresher. On Friday and Saturday, when it is time for the shares to get picked up, we hold a farmer’s market. This allows local farmers and other local organic producers a chance to sell more of the products.

What kinds of items do you serve at the Vegan Café?

Our menu is organic, health-oriented, and contains mainly raw vegan options. We chose to make our menu mainly raw vegan because it allows us to cater to people’s special diets, allergies, and needs. This allows us to offer options that are grain free, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and cane sugar-free. Our menu lets people order something that caters to their specific diet but is also healthy and nutritionally dense.

Describe the herb shop:

We sell organic dried herbs by the ounce. We also help teach people how to make different tea blends, medicines, tinctures, bombs, and syrups from mixing our organic herbs. When people want to learn how to make different syrups, we are able to help walk them through that. 

Do you sell other local products?

As a co-op, we are very tied to promoting local. We have local artists that we rotate through our shop to help them get exposure. Their art can range from $5 to $500. We also sell hand made jewelry and body soaps made by local artists. This is our way of trying to help support and promote our City.

Describe League City in three words.

Cozy. Involved. Family.

Where is one place you like to visit in League City?

I love League Park. I enjoy spending my free time outside doing fun activities such as biking, running, hiking, and picnicking.

Why did you choose League City to open The Natural Living Co-Op?

League City contains the vibe I was searching for, plus the City needed and was craving a health environment-type business. Residents were telling me that they would have to drive into Houston to get their organic products from places like Whole Foods and Sprouts, which guided me in making my decision to open up here. There were no organic shops in League City, so I decided that it was time to bring the opportunity here. People in League City are very authentic and match the lifestyle we offer.  Plus, the City is growing, and it needed to have a place for organic options.