Charles Lemons and Emma foNTENOT

a mother and son posing with pralines

Tell us about Mother and Son's Praline Company:

Mother and Son’s Praline Company is an artisan praline company that was created in October 2017. It all started from my mother’s homemade recipe that has now turned into the business that it is today. Mother’s pralines are too good to not share with the world and that is why we started the company. Also, since mother came from a competitive cooking family her and her brothers always did cooking competitions. Naturally, she always won with her praline candy.

Are there any special pralines for certain events?

Yes, we do pralines in different shapes the best we can to accommodate the customer’s needs. We have done strollers and the fleur de lis symbol and so much more.

What does Mother and Son’s Praline Company have to offer?

In addition to the love shared between a family that is earnest and honest, we have a great product. A product that is rich in history and also rich in tradition. This business was also founded so that a legacy could be built.

Why is Mother and Son’s Praline Company a family business?

Because of the love we have for one another. I thought we made a good team.

What originally drew you to League City?

We were looking for a home and at one-point League City was the fourth largest growing city in the world. This gave some back scene statistics that said there is development and growth happening in the area and League City is a prime location for anyone living or developing a business.

What is your favorite event that happens in League City?

The Fireworks Extravaganza. We love the event. We think that it is a great event for the city. There are food trucks and a lot of different groups of people that get to come together to enjoy the holiday.

Where is your favorite place to eat in League City?


How do you stay in touch with what is happening in League City?

We get the Community Impact magazine. We are also members of “The Talk of League City” Facebook page. We get more than just events on what is going on in League City.

Where is your favorite place to go in League City?

There are a lot of nice resale shops in the area. Also, Helen’s Garden is a nice area.

Why did you want to have a business in League City?

League City is growing so fast. It is a good opportunity for people who want to do business.

What is one word that describes League City?


Which restaurant is still on your list to dine in?

Red River Cantina.