League City's Water Sources

Sources of League City’s Water  

The City of League City purchases surface water from the Gulf Coast Water Authority and the City of Houston. Water from the Brazos RiverGulf Coast Water Authority comes from the Brazos River located in Galveston County, while water from the City of Houston comes from the Trinity River located in Harris County.

Sixty-eight percent of League City’s water comes from surface water sources, such as the Brazos and Trinity Rivers, while the other 32 percent comes from groundwater. The primary source of groundwater for the City comes from the Gulf Coast Aquifer.

Water Cycle

Did you know that the water you drank this morning might have been the same water a dinosaur drank millions of years ago? Or it may have been the same water that supported Columbus' ships on the sea. There is the same amount of water on Earth today as there has always been. The water keeps moving around in an endless cycle called the water cycle.

Water itself is the only substance that exists in liquid, gas, and solid form - the keys to the water cycle. Here's how the cycle works:

  • Water evaporates from oceans, rivers, and lakes (water in its liquid form).
  • It rises into the atmosphere (water in its gas form) where it condenses to form clouds.
  • Precipitation then falls to the earth in the form of rain (water in its liquid) or snow (water in its solid form).
  • It flows into oceans, rivers, and lakes, and the process begins again.
  • More information can be found at the U.S. Geological Survey Website.
The Water Cycle  Diagram