Tayelor Adkins and Jacob Long

a girl and boy posing at a park

What is a Leo?

As the youngest members of the Lions Club International, Leos are devoted young people who realize the power of volunteerism in their community. Together, Leos and Lions form a partnership to provide programs and strategies to support organizations and events within the local community.

What role did you play in the development of the Leos?

Jacob: As we were starting the program last Summer, I was focused on seeking sponsorships that could help us get our meetings and service projects off the ground. In addition, we put a lot of emphasis on recruiting members to give us a solid base to get the club started.

Tayelor: Jacob and I wanted to start a club where students could have a consistent opportunity, outside the opportunities provided by schools, to volunteer and give back to our communities. Developing the Leos program has been fun and challenging at the same time but it’s worth it because we are helping ourselves and others make our community a better place by volunteering.

As a member of the Leos, what does this community organization mean to you?

Jacob: I enjoy being a part of an organization that provides volunteer support in our community. Since I was little our family has served our community and being around other students that like to serve the community makes the Leos special to me. 

Tayelor: Volunteering in League City is important for me and my family because it allows us the opportunity to give back to a community that has given us so much support over the years. I’m blessed to have a family that places a high value on community and reaching out to those who need a helping hand. 

What kind of projects are the Leos involved in?

Jacob: I think our largest project, the one that most aligns us with the Lions Club, is our involvement at the League City Music Festival and BBQ Cook-Off. This year, we will have a food booth selling sausage on a stick and hotdogs to help support local efforts to send special needs children to Lions Camp.

Tayelor: We have supported several organizations and events in the community including Wreaths Across America, Holiday in the Park, and, of course, the League City Music Festival and BBQ Cook-Off.

What is your favorite project in which the Leos are involved?

Jacob: I love volunteering at the music festival! In the past, I have had the opportunity to help out backstage with the band equipment and this year as a Leo I anticipate having a much more active role with coordinating and helping to manage the food booth.

Tayelor: My favorite was volunteering for Holiday in the Park.

What high school do you attend? Are you involved in any other activities at school?

Jacob: I am a sophomore at Clear Springs and I play football and soccer.

Tayelor: I attend Clear Springs High School and I am involved in Peers Assisting Leadership (PAL) which combines peer assistance and peer leadership in mentoring students on a personal level at our elementary and intermediate schools.

Describe League City in three words?

Jacob: Friendly. Welcoming. Caring.

Tayelor: Innovative. Functional. Kind.

Favorite League City restaurant?

Jacob: Wong’s Chinese Restaurant.

Tayelor: Red River BBQ & Grill.