Linda McKillip

woman posing with a ribbon around a tree

Back in 2003, when Linda McKillip decided to train to become a master gardener, her original motivation was not deeply rooted in civic duty. “I really just wanted to learn how to grow tomatoes,” admits McKillip. Fast forward to today, McKillip is the president of the League City Garden Club and her gardening abilities have not only blossomed, but so has her desire to beautify League City and preserve its quality of life.  

McKillip moved to League City from Houston in 2000, shortly after getting married to her husband, who was living in Conroe when they first met. “He had a sailboat and I had a fishing boat and we needed to find a community that we could call home together,” said McKillip. The couple decided the historic oaks and small-town feel of League City, along with the proximity to Clear Lake, made it the perfect place to put down some roots together.

After learning how to sail and how to successfully grow tomatoes (it takes good rich soil and lots of fertilizer), McKillip decided it would be nice to meet some other people in League City who enjoyed gardening, so in 2012 she joined the League City Garden Club. However, what started out as a shared interest has grown into some amazing friendships and a commitment to make our community better.

“The women, and men, who make up the League City Garden Club not only share a love for plants and gardening, but a love for volunteering, improving our City, and preserving its heritage,” said McKillip.

Seventy years ago, when the club first started, most husbands were busy in commerce and the government, leaving the wives to figure out their place in the community says McKillip. “They had as much power and drive as their husbands and they used it to improve League City through civic awareness as well as fundraising to preserve our City’s history.”

While the social landscape of League City has changed since then, the club continues to raise money for worthy causes, including a scholarship for high school seniors who want to pursue a career in horticulture.  McKillip also hopes the group can return to some of their past activities including the “yard of the month” program and a yearly home tour.

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