Natalie Chun

asian girl holding a big cinnamon roll in a donut shop

Why did you choose League City to open your Donut Shop?

I am originally from Cambodia and six years ago I won a lottery green card and was able to move to the United States to start a better life. I ended up first in Arkansas, which was much too cold, so I started looking for warmer places to live. I heard Texas’ weather was similar to the weather in Cambodia, so I started visiting donut shops for sale in Texas and I drove all over the state. As soon as I arrived in League City and saw all the oak trees along Main Street, I knew it was the place for me. 

Where did you learn to speak English so well?

From my customers. They are constantly teaching me new words and correcting me. I still have a lot to learn, but I am grateful they are so patient and willing to teach me.

How did you come up with the idea for the five, pound cinnamon roll?

One of my regular customers, Tracy, who lives right by the shop, told me she was craving a giant cinnamon roll. I decided to surprise her and make her one the next day. It was a little bigger than she expected. I want to always keep my customers happy, so when they have an idea, I make it.

What about the giant, letter donuts?

That idea also came from a customer. She wanted to spell something out with letters using donuts. The letter donuts are very popular with moms and dads wanting to do something different for their kids’ birthday or classroom parties. They are our most popular items. We also make special donuts for every holiday, and this year we did a king cake for Mardi Gras. Plus, we have unique donuts every day in the shop.

Valentines donuts

happy birthday donutsking cake

What is your favorite part about League City?

The loving and friendly community. Everyone has embraced me with open arms. Even though I came from a different country, I feel like I have known my customers for years.

Describe League City in one or two words.

My family.

What is your favorite place in League City?

All the parks and green space. I just love all the trees.

Where is your favorite place to eat?

At home. I don’t eat out much because I get to work at 2 a.m., or sometimes even earlier, depending on the number of special orders I have. The shop opens at 5 a.m. and I have everything freshly baked and ready for when my customers arrive. When most people are eating dinner, I am sleeping. At lunchtime, I am cleaning up and closing the shop to get ready for the next day.