Peggy Zahler

woman in pink sweater posing

How long have you been a League City resident?

I have lived in League City for 30 years. I was living in Nassau Bay in an apartment. When I received my first bonus check, I decided to try to find a house I could afford. I also wanted to get away from the congestion of Nassau Bay and the Clear Lake area, so I chose the wonderful country life of League City—remember when 518 was two lanes?

What is your background?

I am a born on the island, southern girl. I am an only child, so I never had a great desire to get too far away from my family. My education has been primarily in Texas with detours to Boston and Hawaii. I attended the University of Houston and upon graduating, I attended Rice University. Later in my career, I had opportunities to study at the University of Hawaii and Harvard. I worked at NASA starting as an Administrative Assistant. Throughout my career at NASA, I was promoted to Contract Specialist, Price Analyst, Contracting Officer, and Management. While at JSC, my organization was assigned by NASA Headquarters, the responsibility to negotiate the first Russian contract—The Crew Emergency Recovery Vehicle. That is when I learned how vitally important Vodka is to a successful negotiation.

What are you currently working on?

I currently have a Financial Analysis Company with contracts both in the public and private sectors. During the 2008 financial crisis, I was asked to do consulting work for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (Senator Elizabeth Warren was the Chair) and support the GM Bankruptcy. I, somehow, survived the challenges and am still supporting the Department of Treasury activities as well as financial regulatory legislation.

You are very involved in the community. Are there certain organizations you actively support?

I participate in several organizations:
• JSC Federal Credit Union, Director
• The Crossings, Advisory Council
• Independence Village, Advisory Committee
• Clear Creek Village Civic Association, Chairman of the Board
• West Galveston Island Property Owners Association, Vice President
• Beach Maintenance Advisory Committee, Member
• Spanish Grant Beach POA Board, Director
• League City Regional Chamber of Commerce, Director
• LC Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Member
• Clear Creek Watershed Steering Committee, LC Liaison
• Legislative Affairs Committee, Cornerstone Credit Union League, Member
• Governmental Affairs Committee
• National Association of Federal Credit Unions, Member
• International Maritime Advisory Committee, Member
• Economic Development Committee, Member
• Political Liaison Committee, JSC FCU, Chairman
• Homeowners Alliance, Member

How are you involved in City government?

Most of my career has involved working with the Federal Government. Later in my career when I had a little more control over my schedule, I wanted to learn more about municipal government. I attend most of the City Council meetings and workshops. I am a member of a few city committees. I try to stay informed and support City Staff in reaching out to citizens. I am focused on working toward regional solutions for our two watersheds.

Why do you find it important to be involved in your community/city government?

I realize on a daily basis that municipal/county government has a significant impact on my quality of life. By attending meetings, I can better understand how decisions are made. I may not agree, but at least I hear the deliberations and can better understand the decisions. I am always amused how many times I hear about something that happened at a meeting, but since I was in attendance, I know that what is being said is incorrect. I like to hear things first hand and not rely on someone’s interpretation.

Hobbies or interests?

I try to stay active and learn something new every day. Depending on my mood, I can be incredibly happy reading a good book, piloting my plane, or teaching financial literacy classes. For several years, I have taught financial literacy classes to children and adults. It is documented that using basic financial principles can often make a difference in the quality of one’s life. Interest in promoting financial literacy assures my continued involvement in the library community. Travel is also a significant part of my job, so a vacation for me might well be hanging out in LC and at my beach house.

You are a pilot?

I received my license when I worked for NASA. Working in the aerospace environment and with the astronauts certainly inspired me to pursue new experiences. Not only did I learn to fly planes but also how to jump out of them.

What do you love about League City?

I love that I feel part of League City. I believe I belong here and very much enjoy experiencing the fun of living in a vibrant growing city.

Favorite place to go or thing to do in League City?

I like the versatility of League City. Whatever my mood, I can usually find a place or event to keep me happy. The few times I have an urge to snow ski can be a challenge in our city.