Kellie Moon

kellie moon

Describe your perfect day in League City.

Wake up and give thanks to God. Drink coffee in my backyard while Bentley, my granddog, runs and plays.  Travel to CKO Kickboxing studio where I get to engage, uplift, and be uplifted by all our members and take a Kickboxing class.  Go to lunch with my friends.  Catch up with my daughters and have dinner with them.

What’s your favorite event that happens in League City?

Christmas parades in downtown League City.

Where’s your favorite place to eat in League City? 

I frequent several…El Dorado Mexican restaurant # 2 or Bao’s Cafe.  Both very close to the CKO Kickboxing studio ??

How do you stay in touch with what's happening in the city?  

Visit League City Facebook,, and Event Facebook groups.

What should visitors expect at CKO Kickboxing? 

The first thing a visitor will experience when they walk in the CKO Kickboxing studio is a friendly staff, from the front desk personnel to the seasoned instructors and the members.  Also, visitors will see a well-equipped, organized, and clean facility, with lots of real and heavy boxing bags, strong mats, top of the line sound system. Visitors will quickly realize that they can keep their shoes on during the workouts, that they need not share a boxing bag with others unless they want, and that the classes can incorporate weights and resistance bands into the workouts.

After introducing themselves and putting visitors at ease, the staff will answer any questions they may have and explain how they can and will support the participants fitness goals, whether its shedding some pounds, boosting endurance, increasing flexibility, and/or getting stronger.  Then one of the instructors will spend the necessary time going over the basic form and vocabulary for the punches and kicks before class starts.  What is equally important, visitors will learn of the virtually priceless value they can receive once they become members for such an incredibly affordable price.

Any last advice for visitors to the city?  

Come visit us at CKO Kickboxing studio and take a couple of classes to experience the fitness value and benefit of our classes.  It will make you feel so good and energized that you will absolutely love it!

What originally drew you to League City?

The community, the friendly people, social offerings, plenty to do in the city, robust infrastructure, great schools, abundance of churches, excellent quality of life, good healthcare facilities, safety, fitness facilities, the city’s interest in being green and clean…everything we need is here.

Where is your favorite place to go in League City?  

CKO Kickboxing. I also like to go and enjoy the city parks, have a get together with family and friends and enjoy volleyball, fishing and jogging on its numerous trails.

Which restaurant is still on your list to dine at? 

Red Oak Café and Main Street Bistro.

What is one word that describes League City? 

Hard to describe with one word but I can offer two short descriptions that come immediately to mind: Friendly people and strong sense of citizenship.