Elizabeth Cambre

elizabeth cambre

Tell us about your job/ what you do.

I work in corporate and I run my own business. I am in the Oil and Gas industry, with a background in both technical and operations of hydraulic fracturing and acid stimulation. I am gearing up to move into a new role with Tendeka (a company that is owned 51% by Shell) to build their Hydraulic Fracturing Product Line. Previously I worked for Baker Hughes, GE and Schlumberger in the Middle East.

I started my own company in January 2018, The AdvanceHer Program. I have teamed up with the UK based Negotiation Lab, which teaches an elite corporate negotiation training using the Harvard Principles of Negotiation Methods. However, with the AdvanceHer Program we are focused on providing females with this corporate level of negotiation training and teaching them how to negotiate for themselves and for their companies with open enrollment programs.

I have recently been appointed the position of Global Fundraising and Event Chair for the newly formed Lean In Energy group headquartered in Houston. Lean In Energy is a leading mentoring community for all women in energy worldwide. We are driving the LeanIn.org mission within the energy vertical globally.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I am working to start the first ever Negotiation club like Toastmasters. I am really into fitness and working out at Orange Theory, Rush Cycle, and Pure Barre. I am the in Junior League of Galveston County. I spend a lot of my time mentoring females including my two young daughters. I am enrolling my youngest daughter in Chinese Sunday School here in League City, as I studied Chinese at the East Normal University in Shanghai.

How long have you lived in League City?

I have lived in League City for five years.

What drew you to League City?

I had just moved back from working in Abu Dhabi and moved to the Woodlands. I met my husband in Houston and he was working at Clear Lake Regional Hospital, so I moved down here to be with him.

You are a recent graduate of the Citizen University Program, what did you enjoy about it? What did you learn?

I looked forward to attending the program every week. First and foremost, I loved getting to know who is running our city. I really liked hearing from David Hoover about the city’s Planning Development. It really put things in perspective for me in understanding the need for commercial growth, as 87 % of League City is zoned for residential. I understood the importance for us to spend money in League City.

What one word would you use to describe League City?


What is your favorite place to eat in League City?

Main Street Bistro.

What restaurant is still on your list to dine in?

I think I have been to them all!

What is your favorite part of League City?

Access to Clear Lake.

Describe your perfect day in League City.

Waking up to go catch a class at Pure Barre, taking my kids to the park/swimming pool at the Lakes of South Shore, catching a quidditch game at Home Town Heroes, followed by a movie night at the pool.

What do you hope to see in League City in the future?

Solar panels on the new homes being built! 

What do you think makes League City unique?

The people. You never know who you are going to meet each day. I have met more interesting people here than in any other city I have lived in around the world.