Rena Olsen

rena olsen

You say Zumba changed your life, how?

When I started Zumba, I was out of shape and had several health issues.  Zumba helped me lose 80 pounds and eliminate or reduce all the health issues I was experiencing. I have been licensed as a Zumba Instructor since 2012. It has helped me stay healthy and I have lots of fun doing it.  I love helping others achieve their healthy living goals while having fun.

When you are not teaching Zumba, what else do you enjoy?

I am a part of the League City Seniors Program and I am also on the Board of the Friends of League City Seniors Foundation 501 (c)(3), the non-profit that assists with the Seniors Program.  I plan on teaching for a long time.  This program helped me get healthier and my goal is to help others do the same thing.

Where do you get all your energy from?

I love moving and dancing. The energy I have comes from doing what I love, and my classes keep me energized.  I feed off the positive energy of the class participants.

Describe your perfect day?

Wake up, have coffee with my husband then head to Hometown Heroes Park to teach Zumba. I then go to Jazzercise, then tap and head home for lunch. In the afternoon, I take a walk with our dogs.

What is your favorite hang-out spot?

Monday through Friday, I am usually at Hometown Heroes Park enjoying the incredible seniors program hosted by League City. On the weekends, I usually take the dogs to one of our City’s great parks.

What is your favorite event in League City?

The Annual Walk for Wellness Hosted by League City and The Friends of League City Seniors.  The 2019 walk will be on March 30 at Walter Hall Park.

What is your favorite place to eat?

The Holly Berry Tea House. They have great soups, amazing cakes, and desserts.

What one word describes League City?