Animal Shelter Programs

More Ways to Be Involved with Us

Adoption Ambassador Program

The League City Animal Shelter is launching a program intended to expand our reach in the community. The Adoption Ambassador Program allows pet foster parents and volunteers to check out a dog for a time period and promote the animal by taking it to public places. The dog is not only being socialized by the Ambassador, but also being shown off to prospective adoption families within the community.

The Adoption Ambassador Program was started by the Louisiana SPCA and gained momentum because it partnered with the community. Everywhere the Ambassador's dogs went, they drew interest from people who had never considered adoption as an option. We believe this is a valuable way to engage the community to help find suitable homes for these animals.

If you would like more information on how to be an Adoption Ambassador or if you would like to promote your business as a "Hot Spot" and be on the hot list of places for dogs to strut their stuff, please contact the Community Outreach Coordinator Jasmine O'Keefe via email.

Barn Cat Program

Our goal is to find a home for every animal that comes our way. The Barn Cat Program pairs feral cats with cat lovers who have barns or stables interested in adopting a cat that is not suitable to be an indoor house cat. Their new home allows them to "work" by controlling the rodent population in the barns.

The cats in this program are feral cats that are healthy, sterilized, vaccinated, and have been microchipped. If you do not have another barn cat, we encourage you to consider adopting a pair. People who adopt through the Barn Cat Program are providing these animals shelter, food, water, and a chance to use their natural instincts to hunt. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact the Community Outreach Coordinator Jasmine O'Keefe via email.

Home for the Holidays

This program allows a shelter pet to experience a caring foster family for Christmas week. The shelter will supply the foster family with everything needed to care for your foster pet, and will work with you to match a pet to your family and lifestyle. There is no long term obligation, but it is a rewarding experience for both your family and the pet.

Having a positive experience will make your shelter pet more adoptable and give us more information about the pet's personality in a family setting. We have a pet that will fit right into any size home Once your pet is returned to the shelter, we will keep you updated on "your" pet's progress and let you know when it finds a forever home.

The Home for the Holidays Program starts anytime the week of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. We will provide food, bowls, a bed, crate, collar and leash. Call the shelter at 281-554-1377 or email Jasmine O'Keefe.