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Water Meters

Meter Readings
Water meters belong to the city.  Each one is read hourly and is transmitted back to our office every four hours. 

Damaged Meter / Meter Part Charges
Should a customer, with the exception of builders and contractors accidently damage a water meter and/or the electronics associated with the meter, city personnel will replace and/or repair the meter at no charge after the first occasion a customer has damaged the meter.  Any subsequent damage to the meter and/or electronics will incur a fee to the customer for the cost of the parts necessary to repair the meter.  The cost of repairs to a meter will be assessed on any in which damage to a meter has been caused by a builder or contractor.  (Ordinance Section 114-131. Meter parts charges)

To avoid replacement charges, please do not mow over or around the meter box; instead trim by hand.  In addition, please do not drive over or park on top of the meter box.  If the meter is unable to be read, city personnel will replace or repair necessary parts, and leave a door hanger noting charges may be assessed.  Our office will review the account history for previous charges; if none, the incident will be noted as first occurrence with any charges assessed, unless builder or contractor account where charges are assessed with any damaged meter occasion.  Charges can range from $20 for a meter lid to $600 for an entire meter and electronics replacement.

Instructions for Reading the Water Meter

How to read a residential meter:            Meter Size ¾” and 1”
How to read a commercial meter:          Meter Size 1 ½” to 3”
                                                               Meter Size 4” to 10”

(All are linked PDFs above)

For meter leaks or billing questions, contact our office at (281) 554-1335, option #2
or email: 

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