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New Service

To Start New Service
Residential:     Call our office at 281-554-1335, option #2 OR go to www.2TurnItOn.com 
Commercial:    Email with location, contact data, tax ID#, and work day to start service

For garbage service:  contact AmeriWaste Services by phone 281-585-3200 or email

The City services the water, sewer for all locations, and only residential accounts for garbage. Residential garbage service is billed in the bill date month. The first water bill will bill garbage service from your initial date of service to the last date of the bill date month. First bill will reflect a higher cost of $30 to $55. All subsequent bills will reflect the monthly flat total cost of $17.66. In addition, the City assesses a $15 new service fee with each new account.

GO PAPERLESS BILLING – Each month you will receive your water bill a day prior to your bill date, versus waiting for the USPS deliver.  Inside the notification, click the link to the City’s website to view/pay your water bill.  Guarantee delivery of notification your water bill is ready to be viewed/paid to your registered email address.   

To register:  click this link http://tx-leaguecity4.civicplus.com/forms.aspx?FID=183 

Same Day Service
All new services initial/start dates are the next working day for requests prior to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and prior to 11:00 a.m. on Fridays. The City offers “same day service” only upon customer request prior to 1:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday working days with no fee. All “same day service customer’s requests after 1:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday working days and all day Friday are subject to $50.00 fee.

Deposit & Waiver Options
A residential deposit of $100 will be billed to the customer’s first bill, unless the customer is applicable to utilize one of the three deposit waivers within four (4) days of the initial new service date. 

  1. Register for automatic bank draft (input Bank Draft Form link) (pdf form – see attached)
  2. Email letter of credit from your most recent (within previous twelve months) utility company, with no more than three late penalties
  3. Co-signor: must currently live in League City and for the last twelve months have no more than three late penalties. Please note any final outstanding balance(s) by the co-signee will be transferred to their co-signor.

A commercial deposit is based on three months’ service charge for a like and similar commercial customer.  Deposits are subject to review for the purpose of reducing or increasing the amount of the deposit for reasonable cause.  These deposits may be made in the form of a surety bond, no less than $10,000, guaranteeing payment in lieu of a cash deposit.  Such a bond must be made by a financial institution or insurance carrier approved by the director of finance.  Deposits made by bond shall be made within thirty days after service start-up.  If bond has not been furnished to the utility billing department by the end of 30 days, a cash deposit equaling three months, estimated usage will be required to maintain service. 

Fire Hydrant/Construction Temporary Service
Temporary service for a major construction job will require a $1,500 deposit paid upon start of service for a 3-inch fire hydrant/construction meter and fittings.  Monthly, the contractor is required to report the meter readings to our office.  Contractors not submitting the monthly meter readings for a period of three months or longer may be subject to forfeiture of their deposit at the discretion of the director of finance.  A monthly, flat rate fire hydrant rental fee of $50 will be charged to utilize city-owned temporary fire hydrant for construction.  Should the customer utilize the meter less than 30 days, the fee will not be pro-rated. 


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