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Vehicle Maintenance News & Articles
Hybrid CarHybrid Cars Added to League City's Fleet
Here at League City, we are not reinventing the wheel, just making it roll a little smoother down the road.

This year the City of League City will be purchasing 26 vehicles that will keep us in pace with the rest of the nation and possibly set an example for other cities to follow by making a strong and dedicated effort to go green.

By the end of this year 15% of our vehicle fleet will be of a fuel saving nature of one kind or another. With fuel prices being what they are, we’ll take every advantage possible.

Hybrid Cars
Chances are you have heard about hybrid cars, but do you know what makes them tick. Hybrids are made with a gas engine, an electric motor, and a high powered battery. The electric motor recharges itself by recapturing energy that normally would be lost when decelerating and when needed power from the gas engine can be used to also recharge the battery.

Since the hybrid car recharges in these ways, it does not ever need to be plugged in. The best part about hybrids is that they save about 10% or more of fuel while operating. Our city’s police department will have six of these by the end of 2008 in their criminal investigation division.

Other Fuel-Saving Vehicles
In addition, our police patrol officers, EMS personnel, and the fire fighters will be getting vehicles that have either a multi-displacement system or an active fuel management system. Basically, these systems use the vehicles’ electric and mechanical systems together to accomplish a fuel saving result.

In a nut shell, the cars’ engine shuts down the fuel and spark to a certain number of cylinders, in this case four, when cruising down the highway at a steady speed, but if you step on the gas, say to pass a car, it will kick in the sleeping cylinders and you get the power of the V8.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our vehicle fleet, and in doing this our goal is to have 50% of League City’s cars and trucks operating on these or similar systems by the end of 2011.