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Budget Highlights
Budget Highlights

FY2019 Proposed Budget Facts:

  • Total proposed budget for FY2019 is $206.12 million
    • $130.72 million for expenditure on City services
    • $75.40 million for capital projects
    • FY2018 amended budget is $200.61 million
    • The proposed budget is $5.51 million more than the previous year amended budget due to the $1.94 million increase in the operating budget and $3.57 million increase in capital budget 
  • Funding for proposed budget is based on the estimated tax rate of $0.5638 per $100 valuation; a reduction of $0.0012 from FY2018.
  • Major initiatives include funding for:
    • 2% salary increases effective January 1, 2019 ($403,162),
    • Funding for superior employee performance merit on January 1, 2019 ($201,581),
    • 2% across-the-board increase for civil service personnel effective January 1, 2019 ($157,258),
    • Step increases for civil service sworn personnel ($154,298),
    • Step increase to Sergeants pay grade ($71,583),
    • $442,000 increase anticipated in health insurance cost, 
    • Additional employees totaling 10.50 full time equivalents
      • two (2) Paramedics (2 FTE), 
      • Engineering Technician (1 FTE), 
      • Land/ROW Specialist (1 FTE), 
      • Senior Project Manager (1 FTE), 
      • Heavy Equipment Operator/Crewleader (1FTE) in Streets,
      • Web Content Specialist (0.75 FTE in General Fund, 0.25 FTE in HOT Fund),
      • GRID Support Specialist (1FTE) in the Public Safety Technology Fund which is funded by the GRID participants with the City’s portion estimated at $11,300,
      • Parks Custodian (1 FTE) and reclassification of a Part-Time Rec Aid to a Full-Time Office Support Specialist (0.5 FTE) for Parks Recreation at Hometown Heroes Park (funded through 4B sales tax).
      • While this budget does not provide for additional sworn positions, the funding in the budget will allow for an authorization to ‘hire over’ the current number of civil service authorized officers (124) by 6, 
      • Increased day and night crew staffing at fire stations to seven days a week to improve response times, 
      • Funding for enhanced service levels in the Communications department to better engage residents,
      • Funding for the Project Management department to contract services for CIP program management to improve training of project managers and increase efficiencies in project delivery,
      • Funding for an Investment Advisor to maximize interest income generate on portfolio assets,
      • Anticipated increases in fuel, property insurance, janitorial contract services, and uniform contract services,
      • Funding to implement a program to obtain traffic counts at major intersections and roadways,
      • Funding for new initiatives to promote economic development and tourism,
      • Funding in Human Resources for employee appreciation and training.

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