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Water Line Development CIP Projects

Water system improvements represent the single largest program category with $105.6 million in projects to be funded during the FY 2015-2019 period.  These projects focus on improvements to the distribution and renewal of the existing water system and address obtaining new supply and its distribution.  New bond financing backed by utility revenues over five years is required for $84.1 million of this total.  Key projects in FY 2015, with a total of $23.5 million in funding, include construction of 36-inch waterline from SH3 booster station to South Shore Harbour booster station, construction of segments 3-5 of the southeast service area trunk lines, annual waterline upgrades and replacements, and construction of the new east side elevated tank and well.

Also included in the proposed CIP is League City’s proportional share (estimated at $43.6 million) of the expected construction by the City of Houston of a 60-inch upsized replacement for the 42-inch water line down State Highway 3.  This line provides 68 percent of League City’s current surface water supply.  

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This product is for informational purposes and may not have been prepared for or be suitable for legal, engineering or surveying purposes. It does not represent an on-the-ground survey and represents only the approximate relative location of property boundaries and/or any other feature represented on this map

Projects In Progress At A Glance: (as of February 2017)

New East Side Elevated Tank #1: Construction awarded July 14, 2015; anticipated substantial completion April 2017.

South Shore Harbour Pump Station: Substantially complete.  Preparing TCEQ submittal for water well.

Southeast Service Area Trunks: Design contract awarded for section 3-5 May 14, 2013; preliminary discussions with land owners regarding right-of-way needs September 2014; staff reviewing 90% plans May 2014; right-of-way acquisition underway; anticipated construction of sections 3-5 in FY 2017.  Proposal solicited from MBCO for Land Acquisition.

36" Water Line to SH3 to SSH Booster Station:  Design:  identified route, coordination with all regulatory agencies, began project planning, geotechnical, pipeline coordination, met with Parks Board, and identified easements required; property appraisals complete; plans in review by CenterPoint Energy.  Anticipated Construction bid March 2017 with award May 2017.

Calder Rd Pump Station:  Council awarded construction contract March 25, 2014; notice to proceed issued August 4, 2014.  Anticipate filling new 3MG GSTs and starting new pump station for 7 day recirculation trial period starting November 15, 2016.  Anticipate new pump station to be put online March 2017.

Water System Improvements - Dickinson Water Well:  Bid in October 2015; awarded in November 2015.  Construction NTP issued February 2016 with 180 day contract.  Contractor completed well drilling July 2016.  GLO amendment in process to add engineering and funding for construction of a surface water blending line to pretreat well water.  Received GLO approval January 2017.  Anticipated construction completion Summer 2017.

Clear Creek Waterline Upgrades:  2016 Waterline Improvements project for Clear Creek Village was bid November 15,2016.  Construction bid awarded  January 10, 2017 with anticipated construction to begin February 2017.

Newport Water Line Replacements: Received proposal from ARKK Engineers.  Design award schedule anticipated February 2017.

Dickinson Ave. BPS Improvements: FY2017:  Design and construct Dickinson Ave Booster Pump Station:  new generator and add pump capacity by reusing the former SSH pumps to maximize use as an emergency water distribution facility.  Rescope for Westside Well.

Calder Road GST Improvements: 
Calder Rd 1 MG GST Improvements:  Interior coating, leak prevention, structural repairs (Sixteen year service life ending in FY 2017 for Bolted steel ground storage tank that was modified in 2001

SEWPP Treatment Improvements: This project is based on anticipated treatment improvements a the SEWPP which co-participants (GCWA) will owe a portion of.  Programmed for FY 2016 based on estimates from City of Houston for when actual costs are determined.  Cash Call Only - City of Houston managing Design and Construction.  This Project is pending.

60" Water Line Replace 42" Line on SH3: Preliminary design has begun, land acquisition in FY2018-2019, and construction FY2020-FY2021.  Cash Call Only - City of Houston managing Design and Construction.

24-Inch Water Line Stabilization:  FY 2016:This project is to stabilize the 24-inch waterline along League City Pkwy (SH96) that runs along the bank of Gay's Pond. Phase 2 survey completed February 2016; Soliciting supplemental agreement to evaluate alternate route.

New Well & Generator at South Shore Elevated:  This project consists of the design, construction, and development of a 1500 gpm groundwater well at the City's existing South Shore Elevated Storage Tank site, located at 6060 South Shore Blvd. In addition to the well, the project provides associated emergency generator, chemical feed/electrical building, fill & distribution piping, SCADA equipment/integration, and necessary site access improvements for well operation and maintenance.   Well sites are located based on geographic service coverage and the most economical method of distribution delivery. This proposed well provides needed service coverage to the City far eastside and utilizes a direct fill to elevated storage configuration. This effectively eliminates the need of costly ground storage and distribution pumping facilities, as the groundwater is pumped directly into the existing elevated storage where naturally occurring elevation head provides distribution pressure.  Rescope for Westside Well.

Waterline (Dickinson BPS to Strawberry):  Design and Construction of a 12 to 16-inch waterline from Dickinson booster pump station to the 24-inch waterline on Strawberry.  Rescope for Westside Well.

DSWWTP Reclaimed Water Pump System:  One of three projects required in order to send re-use to GCWA and receive potable water in return.  This project is on hold.

Water Master Plan & CRF 5 Year Update:  Request for Qualifications released to potential consultants in February 2017.

16" Water Line along Grissom Rd: This project includes the design (2017), construction (2019), and land acquisition (2018) for 5,000 LF of 16-inch water line and fire protection features, from the North Service Area Booster Station to West Nasa Road.  Pending rescope to combine water project with Grissom Street Improvement Project.

New Water Lines to the West Side:  FY2016 Project- 24-Inch line to run from the Calder Rd. Pump Station south to the future Grand Parkway to head west to the Future Bay Area Blvd. extension and continue north along Bay Area Blvd. to the American Canal.  The 16-inch water line will follow the future Bay Area Blvd. extension from south of the future Grand Parkway easement to FM 517.  Subject to possible developer agreement, design anticipated  FY2018.  This project is on hold.

West Side Well & BPS:  Pending Council approval in Spring 2017.

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