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Wastewater Development CIP Projects

Wastewater’s total program for the five year CIP period totals nearly $31.16 million for lines and lift station improvements and expansion in the re-use system.  FY 2015 projects (funded at $11.28 million total) include construction of Hobbs Rd Lift Station/Force Main/Gravity Sewer; upgraded force main from Bay Colony lift station to Ervin Street; improvements to the re-use utility system;, construction of a new 30-inch gravity sewer line on Calder Road;, and Countryside Wastewater Treatment Plant demolition. This category also includes Sanitary Sewer Rehab,  an ongoing project with $7.5 million allocated in FY 2015-2019 for ongoing as-needed improvements to the City’s sanitary sewer system.  

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Projects In Progress At A Glance: (as of February 2017)

Re-use Improvements, Ph 1: Design consultant is evaluating using Alabama Tank to meet TCEQ regulations for a pressurized delivery system and determine peak system capacity; developing rate schedule with update to feasibility study and formalize project delivery schedule.  This Project is on Hold.

Annual Sanitary Sewer Rehab:  FY2015 project sanitary trunk systems include: 1) a 24-inch ductile iron sanitary sewer trunk main along FM 2094, from SS Blvd. to the East Main LS, and; 2) a 42-inch thru 48-inch ductile iron sanitary sewer trunk main along Coryell St., from FM 270 to the Dallas Salmon WWTP. Construction contract awarded June 28, 2016.  FY 2016 Sanitary Sewer Rehab design completed  August 2016 for the Landing Subdivision.  Council awarded construction contract October 25, 2016.  Construction on Package II began December 12th.

Annual Sanitary Sewer Rehab:  FY2017 project sanitary trunk systems include: 1) a 18-inch through 30-inch ductile iron sanitary sewer trunk main along Hobbs Rd. and Butler Rd. to the Butler Rd. Lift Station.  Anticipate Design contract to be approved by Council February 28, 2017.

Westside 54" & 42" Gravity Sewer Interceptors, PH 1:   FY2016- Extending south from the SWWRF following along the future Grand Parkway alignment, 750 LF of 54" gravity sewer from the SWWRF to the Grand Parkway alignment.  Then 42" gravity sewer following along the future Grand Parkway alignment east 10,850 LF.  Schedule to be determined.  Project on hold.

Bay Area Blvd. 12" Sewer Improvements FM/LS:  FY2016- Design and Construction of 4,550 LF of 12-Inch sewer, a lift station, and 600 LF of 8-Inch force main along the future Bay Area Blvd extension.  Schedule to be determined. Project on hold.

MUD 14-15 Lift Station Improvements:  Lift Station re-evaluation by Jones & Carter, Inc. approved for design in July 2016.  Design anticipated to be complete February 2017.

Re-use Utility System: Design on hold until Re-use Improvements, Ph 1 (WW1101) project delay is resolved; consultant is evaluating using Alabama Tank to meet TCEQ regulations for a pressurized delivery system.  This Project is on Hold.

FM Upgrade Bay Colony LS to Ervin: Design 100% complete; survey complete; construction bid  subject to 15 easement acquisitions and coordination with the Calder sewer line and a developer.  Anticipate Construction bid April 2017.

30" Gravity Line - Calder:  Phase I complete.  Phase 2: Substantially complete December 2016.

Annual Lift Station Improvements:  FY2015 project:  (1) South Shore Harbour #3 LS Improvements:  Awaiting delivery of equipment and pumps. Mobilized January 16, 2017.  Anticipated completion March 2017.

Smith Lane Lift Station Improvements:  To replace pumps, controls and discharge piping at Smith Lane Lift Station.  Design anticipated to begin March 2017.

Dallas Salmon Effluent Discharge Improvements:  FY2016- Structural modifications to existing effluent discharge structure and the installation of approximately 1,500 ft. of 84" concrete conduit from the Dallas Salmon WWTP discharge structure, following the perimeter of the fire training facility, continuing northwest along Kansas St. to the banks of Clear Creek.  Awarded Design contract January 2016; final design completion expected June 2017.

Wastewater Master Plan Update & CRF: Wastewater Master Plan update estimated at $60K and wastewater model update estimated at $15K in FY 2017.  CRF update planned in FY 2018.  Request for Qualifications released to potential consultants in February 2017.

Countryside #1 Lift Station Improvements:  To replace pumps, controls and discharge piping at Countryside #1 lift station.  Design anticipated to begin March 2017.

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