Position 6 - Keith Gross


League City has been my home since 1978.

I attended Clear Creek ISD, graduated from University of Houston Clear Lake, and Thurgood Marshall School Of Law. I am married with one daughter and I feel fortunate to be raising her in League City. I am self-employed as an attorney and my office is in the League City historic district.

As a seasoned lawyer, my participation in local government will benefit League City. Every ordinance, resolution, or expenditure inevitably affects the rights of the people. I understand conflict of law doctrines and other legal concepts that will undoubtedly benefit council when deciding the future of League City.

It is my hope that I may preserve the integrity of League City by serving on city council. I am conservative and believe that government should be small, effective, and transparent. I am an advocate of the Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment’s Right to Bear Arms. I favor conservative spending for functions necessary for the administration of government. We work hard for our money, and it should not be wasted by frivolous government spending.

Looking Forward to the Future

I look forward to the opportunity to meet more League City residents who share my vision for a "family-friendly" city with ample opportunity for growth and prosperity.


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Keith Gross